I’ve picked a fitness plan for the rest of the year. I signed up for Fat2Fit. The first month of it is focused on healthy eating, bare minimum core exercises, and stretching. I’ve started meal prepping with the program’s plan. There’s still protein powder, bars, and other health food that

RIding Progress So Far

In two months, we’ve gone from me clinging on to a runaway train for dear life to kind of looking normal!


There’s a puddle on the corner of the outdoor arena that I’ve been trying to get Max to walk through. He turns around it in circles. He stops at the edge. He puts his head down and swishes his top lip in the water. That’s me and riding. The unknown

Kissing Noises

I learned to trust my horse a little more today. My coach had us focus on two exercises. She had us trot a figure eight through some empty jump standards and over poles. (Today, I learned that they are called standards) She also had us trot around the arena and

New Piano!

I’ve been missing my music goal for the past month. After my guitar managed to scare me off with its barrage of snapping strings, and the keyboard that had lived in our closet for a couple decades turned out to be a corpse, I’ve been searching the classifieds for the

A day in the wagon

There’s something compelling about writing at least one entry a day in my blog. Blogs should have topics, and topics should be fleshed out before being blogged. I really wanted to write an entry this morning, but I hadn’t had a chance to do anything worth writing the internet about.

The Call

Falling off the Wagon

I fell off the No Zero Year wagon. It felt horrible. I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off, and getting back on.

Body Project: Fun, Low Impact Workout for Total Beginners

In a world of $3500 workout machines whose main selling point is a subscription-based workout video coach, have we all forgotten about YouTube? YouTube makes working out so easy. You can find any kind of expert-led workout in a few minutes and get moving! I like this workout because it’s

The Promise

[WP] To stave off mass starvation, humans have managed to capture and cage a phoenix. They kill it and eat it. A few days later, it would be reborn, only to be butchered again. We gathered in The Clearing of Redemption and waited for Father. I held Gaia tightly in

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