New Year Momentum

There’s been a whopping three days so far this year, and I’ve No Zeroed them all! Warning, this entry has three(ish) days in it, so it’s going to be a little long!

I kicked off New Years day by checking all four boxes. I dusted off the treadmill, weight bench, and ab coaster. The treadmill was the scariest part. Apparently my treadmill’s weight loss presets are designed for Olympic athletes! The first few minutes were fine. I jogged along at a “normal” speed, feeling pretty confident. Then the pace kicked up to 7 out of 10. I made it at least 30 seconds… I think. Oh well, everyone knows the treadmill is just there for you to get warmed up. Everything else in my workout was as easy as looking at the picture on the machine; monkey see, monkey do. I worked up a sweat and felt a little sore. What more could I ask for in a workout?

I cooled off by practicing my guitar. I found this great free site, . It has a bunch of popular songs with one string guitar tabs. I really love that site because my guitar is missing a string, so I can’t learn chords yet. (I broke the high e string on Christmas day. Guitars are hard, ok?!)

After a couple hours, I talked one of the kiddos into going to the horse stable with me. Maximas was a total muddy mess. Luckily, he cleans off pretty easy for a white horse! Once we had brushed him from a dark brown to a light tan, I lunged him in the indoor arena. Even though he had been in his stall all day to keep out of the rain, and hadn’t been ridden in months, he was in a great mood. I thought to myself, “Self. If you don’t ride this horse on New Years Day, you may as well forget about doing it for the rest of the year.” So, I tacked him up and headed out to see what would happen. Lucky for me, a stable mom was hanging out while her kiddo got their horse time in. I swallowed my pride and asked, “Hey, could you do me a huge favor and hold my horse? (while I get on)” She bustled over with a “Sure! Hey, Max!” and gave me a helping hand. Max emphasized the immediate danger I was in by yawning while I clambered up into the saddle. Then we walked, and walked, and walked. Baby steps.

After going from couch potato to New Year hero, I came home and passed out. Oh yea, and then I woke up and turned a free write from earlier into the week into a full chapter!

Pretty impressive, huh?

Guess who was really, really sore the next morning? That’s when I started to embrace the No Zero Year concept for its simple beauty. As long as I do one thing a day, I’m good! I even managed to do two things.

Back on Christmas, I got a membership to They had a great deal going, and it was Christmas. Can you blame me? I’ve been browsing through their tabs since then. I’ve played Auld Lang Syne so many times that I can almost play it without looking at the tab sheet. I can definitely play Happy Birthday by memory. There’s one downside to Ultimate Guitar, though; they have sections for Intermediate, Novice, and Advanced. They missed the beginner section.

I found a workaround! I was looking through their official tabs and found the vocals are written in one string tabs! My new favorite practice song is Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt. I was even more sore after playing that for two hours!

I wanted to tackle one more checkbox for the day, so I opened up my, thus far, one chapter manuscript. It stared back at me. A whole new blank page. I choked out a few paragraphs before seriously starting to question my approach to writing. Maybe it would be better to commit to a year of writing prompts so that I can tackle smaller projects, practice, and get some feedback from r/writingprompts.

Somehow that turned into a blog. A blog which has yet to have any completed writing prompts. (Funny, right?) I’ve spent more time learning how to make cool graphics in Photoshop than writing. Photoshop is way too much fun.

That brings my reporting current to today! I can definitely check off writing. Just exercise, horseback riding, and guitar to go! What will I do? One, or all three? Check back in to find out!

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