No Zero Day Thoughts

I was browsing through r/nonzeroday and it struck me just how many people have a different take on non zero living than I do. I appreciate the diversity of interpretations, but I also can’t wrap my head around their logic. To me, no zero living is a simple yes or no to the question of, “Did I accomplish something toward my long term goals, today?” To many others, no zero living is a general term for being productive.

The subreddit had a lot of checklists that went something like drank water, counted calories, exercise, brushed my teeth, cleaned the house, had one positive thought. Granted, counting calories and exercising are the basics of weight loss, which is a pretty legit long term goal. What about brushing teeth and cleaning the house, though? Aren’t those just things that adults do? Then again, isn’t weight maintenance also something that adults should just do?

What bothered me the most about that interpretation is the lack of focus on long term happiness and fulfillment. It’s as if their long term goal is to be an emotionless robot that gets better at going through their daily required motions.

I spent a lot of time with the elderly, both as a growing child and then as a residential aide and CNA. My big takeaway from their wisdom is that life is going to end sooner than we expect, and we only have a finite amount of time to find our spark and create memories.

When I think of goals for a No Zero anything, I am thinking ahead. I want my list to be a guide that keeps me growing and glowing. If I get up in the morning and look at my list and it’s full of drudgery, I’m not going to be alive very long. I’m going to be doing that stuff anyway. If there’s nothing else to look forward to, why even bother. My No Zero list is the spice to my day. It’s what I sparkle on top of everything else to give my life flavor.

(Ahem. I shall now get off the soapbox.)

In actual news, today had a lot of flavor! (Great segway, right?)

I had my first horseback riding lesson of 2021 and I practiced a bunch of tabs on the guitar. I ended up recording Kumbaya.

I had a fun idea to get my exercise section started. There are a lot of short calisthenics videos on tiktok. I thought it would be fun to do duets with a different one each time. They are short enough that it’s not intimidating to start one. There are so many that I can’t possibly get bored.

For today, horseback riding was most certainly enough exercise for me.

I’ve been getting a few requests to write more of my short story Epic Fantasy. I had a lot of fun with the first part. I originally was going to stick with a higher quantity of writing prompts, because a larger manuscript has historically shut me down. This one might be the story that takes me all the way to a book. A girl can dream!

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