No Zero means Physical Practice

It occurred to me how No Zero Year has changed the way I pursue my goals. Before, I would spend hours watching horse videos or reading blog posts about becoming a better writer. Now, when I check off my list for the day, I only give myself credit for what I’ve physically practiced.

I don’t know the psychology behind my changed behavior, but I think it’s a vast improvement. It’s too easy to become consumed and overstimulated by the sheer volume of instruction on the internet. Every pursuit ultimately comes down to finding my interpretation and voice.

I’ve written quite a bit about how euphoric it is to be in the flow. When I’m in the flow, I’ll have moments where all of my compulsive research comes through and turns into action, but I’m not consciously reviewing that information. I’m just physically writing, playing music, horseback riding, or exercising. I’m doing it, and it’s better. It’s free-flowing. I get into the rhythm, and it just happens.

I still watch a ton of youtube videos and read almost as many blog posts, but they don’t count towards my No Zero Year.

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