Fat2Fit 3 Weeks In

I’m coming up on my fourth week of Fat2Fit’s 6 Month Transformation. My husband calls it the meal plan. Some light exercises were included in the first month’s program instructions, but we ended up replacing them with walking and hiking more. When we looked ahead to month 2 of the program, we didn’t like those exercises, either. I’ll definitely agree with my husband on this one. It’s turned out to be a meal plan for us.

It’s the first meal plan I’ve come across in any app or diet website with normal food. I’m not sure why the other places feel the need to diversify a person’s palate. Their weird recipes just scare me away. Fat2Fit’s lean protein and vegetables are comfortingly familiar. The protein powders, bars, and green drinks taste okay. It’s food we can eat.

We’re starting to feel comfortable eating out once in a while. Keeping a running calorie count is becoming second nature. Still, I would like to check myself at this milestone and avoid becoming too comfortable casually going to a restaurant. It’s sobering to realize just how quickly a couple bad food choices can landslide into a full-blown SAD diet and obesity.

We are waiting for the end of week 4 to weigh in. After watching all of the Fit2Fat2Fit episodes and seeing the emotional rollercoaster people went through by judging their progress from the scale alone, we decided it would be better to just weigh in once a month and celebrate that big number. Tracking progress with improved fitness and shrinking clothes sizes seems to be emotionally healthier.

So far, I’ve donated all of my “L” sized clothes, which I was just barely squeezing into a mere 3 weeks ago. Being intimate with each other is also much more comfortable; we fit together better.

My husband and I walk at least 4 miles each night. We walked 5.5 miles tonight. It doesn’t physically hurt to walk up long and steep inclines anymore. I’m riding Max at least 3x a week. I’m building up my fitness to be able to canter. I’ll share more on the Canter Project in another post.

As I prepared for the upcoming second month of the program, I chose to find a different fitness routine because I didn’t feel that the focus on upper body bulking would serve me well as a female equestrian. The time and energy commitment for a ramped-up fitness program is hefty enough that I really wanted to make sure I was spending it all on a finished product that best suits me.

I found a free 4-week Equestrian Fitness program, “Fit EQ,” that matches the intensity of Fat2Fit’s standard workout plan while moving me in the exact direction I need to go for health and fitness. I’m thinking that the workouts will continue to be effective going through the entire 5 remaining months because I can increase the intensity of reps, weights, and resistance bands.

I’m looking forward to doing a one-month progress update in one week. It will be fun to find out how much the scale moves and see my one-month photos next to my start pictures. I definitely feel like this Fat2Fit decision has changed my life for the better, even more than I had hoped.